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My original ‘Travelling Companion’ blog post was written in May last year after a trip to Croatia, where I get all excited about the virtues of the superb Fuji X100.

It’s a six year old camera now, but this never worries me, as ultimately all I’m interested in is the image quality and the suitability for the job. It’s compact, sturdy, reliable and ultimately produces beautiful photographs, with vivid colours and that classic, film-esque feel to it, like the shot above. In my opinion it’s the perfect travel camera.

However, during this year’s trip back to the Balkans (Montenegro in fact) I’ve surprised myself. The Fuji performed with it’s usual aplomb and never let me down, but it was backed up by an unexpected assistant. My iPhone!

I’ve never been particularly taken to photography on smartphones, but I think that this is because up til now I’ve never really had one that’s been any good at taking photographs. I wasn’t bothered about it all, as I have a camera, and I’ll take photographs on that thank you very much!



I’ve got to admit though, sometimes just whipping a phone out and grabbing a quick shot is very, very easy and convenient. The image above is an iPhone one, and although I have a version taken on the X100 I have to admit that the one above is pretty close to it, at least at screen resolution like on this blog.

If you zoom in to 100% you of course see the quality difference, and the iPhone can’t compete with the larger sensor and beautifully clear lens that the Fuji has, but print this at a reasonable size or post it on your social media accounts and you probably wouldn’t notice the difference.

Having said that, I would never use just the iPhone, as although the conditions in which the image above was taken were perfect for it, in situations where the lighting is a little trickier it tends to falter a little. It will blow out highlights which the Fuji will capture effortlessly, and if you want to blur out the background in your flash balanced night time portraits you’ve got no chance. As a companion to the Fuji though it’s a great little addition, and I’m quite impressed with what it can produce.

It’s often said that the best camera is the one you have with you at the time, and this has never rung more true than with the new generation of smartphones. People usually always have a phone with them, and as a result we’re taking more photographs then ever before documenting our lives, and that’s got to be a good thing.