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If you’re shooting outdoors you usually check out the weather forecast and pray for sunshine, but this isn’t always the best kind of weather to work in. It depends a great deal on what it is you’re photographing.

The overcast conditions that the shot above were taken in were at first glance far from ideal. It was an outdoor shoot for an up and coming wedding venue which boasts the most wonderful gardens, but the day was a dull one and there was absolutely no detail in the sky – just dull grey clouds. Naturally, when a couple marry they want sunshine and warmth, and dream of spending time with friends and family in a beautiful outdoor location sipping fine champagne and nibbling on canapes. A cloudy forecast is the last thing they would want.

However, there are benefits to this kind of weather, and that’s the softness of the light. The image above is very delicate, and if it was shot in blazing sunshine would look very different. It would be much harsher and have far more contrast, and wouldn’t give us anything like the delicate hues that we see here. There are no shadows blocked up, and no highlights blown out, it’s all been captured rather nicely!