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Of all the people to post about being patient I’m probably the least qualified. But sometimes the difference between an image that means something and one that’s just mediocre can simply be a matter of minutes.

The image above was taken on the fells of south-west Northumberland, somewhere in between Allendale and Alston. It was a fairly grey day, but the viewpoint was quite a good one – however the scene just looked a little flat and uninspiring. I remember thinking how great it would all look with a clear blue sky, and how perhaps I’d just have to come back another time to get a memorable shot.

Then around two minutes later a break in the clouds drifted east, just enough for the suns rays to shine through and softly illuminate a section of the valley below. This light also caught the tops of the lower layers of cloud, so the scene was instantly transformed into something quite special.

A couple of minutes later and it was gone. So was I lucky, or was my patience rewarded? I’d say I was lucky, but it did get me thinking that if something’s not quite right then being patient and waiting for a short time surely can’t hurt?